Trust in the Information Society

Proceedings of the 2015 ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference. Barcelona, Spain, 9 - 11 December 2015

image of Trust in the Information Society

These Proceedings contain all the papers accepted for the conference ITU Kaleidoscope 2015: "Trust in the Information Society" - Barcelona, Spain, 9-11 December 2015. The aim of Kaleidoscope conferences is to identify emerging developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and, in particular, areas in need of international standards to support the development of successful products and services. The papers at K-2015 analyzed means of building information infrastructures deserving our trust. The event highlighted ideas and research that will help ensure the Information Society's growth in inclusivity and sustainability thanks to its trusted foundations. The papers accepted for the conference were reviewed by a panel of over 150 subject matter experts from leading academic and research institutions worldwide.




“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” These words famously used by Isaac Newton in a very humble examination of his achievements remind us that the creation of knowledge is an iterative process built on the collective efforts of an ecosystem of thinkers and innovators. Many of the best-known developments in information and communication technology (ICT) found their roots in the research community and, in the interests of the ICT ecosystem, ITU continues to make great efforts to encourage the participation of academic and research institutes in our work.


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