2015 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2015

Getting Ready for the Digital Economy

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Under the overarching theme "Getting ready for the digital economy", the 15th edition of Trends in Telecommunication Reform discusses changing ICT consumer behaviour, consumer empowerment and protection in the digital age. It further explores the opportunities and challenges of big data and what it means from a regulatory perspective; why competition matters. It also attempts to answer whether it is time to rethink spectrum licensing, how to monitor the implementation of broadband plans and what are the new business models driven by digital communications and services. As in previous editions, the publication will feature an in-depth analysis of current market and regulatory trends based on ITU data from one of the world's most comprehensive data platforms, the ICT Eye.



Big data - opportunity or threat?

Google can predict the spread of the seasonal flu from Internet search queries it receives. Airplane engine manufacturers can predict when an engine part will break before it actually does, allowing that part to be changed at a convenient time and place, rather than when the airplane is in mid-flight. A startup company, Inrix offers a smartphone app that helps about one hundred million users every day to drive from home to work and back; providing real time information that allows them to avoid heavy traffic. And a Dutch mobile phone operator discovered that changes in the signal strength of cell towers could be translated into local weather data, thus giving the operator a potentially lucrative and very comprehensive network of thousands of weather stations capturing real-time data.


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