2012 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2012

Smart Regulation for a Broadband World

image of Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2012

The annual Trends in Telecommunication Reform publications are a key part of the dialogue with the world's information and communications technology (ICT) policy-makers and regulators to ensure that all citizens can benefit from new applications, services and businesses opportunities brought by a broadband world.



Intellectual property rights in today's digital economy

Intellectual property rights (IPR) play a critical role in the digital economy. They provide the foundation upon which innovation is shared, creativity encouraged and consumer trust reinforced. This is not a new paradigm; IPR has been playing an important role in providing an incentive for creativity and innovation since first introduced in the Statute of Anne in 17091. By 1776, IPR was already significant enough to be included in the US Constitution.


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