2008 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2008

Six Degrees of Sharing

image of Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2008

Many developing countries are preparing for a second wave of regulatory reform designed to enable them to harness the promise of new technologies and participate fully in the information society. This report examines a range of innovative sharing strategies regulators can use to speed up the uptake of ICTs and promote widespread, affordable broadband access. This year's Trends focuses on "Six Degrees of Sharing", examining active and passive infrastructure sharing, open access to international capacity, business sharing, end-user sharing and regulatory sharing.



International mobile roaming

The rapid growth in the number of mobile subscribers across the world over the past decade has dramatically changed the telecommunication landscape. Mobile telephony has become the dominant form of telecommunications in both developed and developing countries, with the number of mobile phones overtaking fixed lines in the majority of countries around the globe. Without doubt, mobile telephony offers huge advantages for individuals, businesses and economies. Nevertheless, the rise of mobile communications has raised at least one troubling issue: international mobile roaming rates. This issue is currently being widely discussed among regulators, operators and end-user associations.


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