2006 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2006

Regulating in the Broadband World

image of Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2006

The 7th edition of Trends in Telecommunication Reform examines the regulatory challenges and opportunities of enabling ICT development. The report provides regulators with tools they can use to promote effective and innovative development and use of ICTs in a competitive environment. This report provides an overview of developments in the ICT sector, specifically focusing on broadband, its advent, the technologies, the role of the regulator in broadband development, broadband spectrum management, voice over IP (VoIP) regulation, international efforts to combat spam (including a model law and enforceable code of conduct), and identifies best practices. The report is structured into eight chapters.



Making broadband work for all

Regulators and policy-makers view the advent of broadband networks and services as both a challenge and an opportunity. What, really, is “broadband”? To the layman, it often translates as “fast internet access.” But as the edition of Trends has illustrated, the broadband revolution is a multi-layered phenomenon, with technological, economic and social aspects that will become more apparent as this decade wears on. One thing is clear: broadband is not a passing phase or a high-end niche market. It is literally the future of tele com mu ni cations. Policy-makers and regulators around the world will have to come to grips with it and learn to exploit its opportunities – in other words, learn how to make broadband work for all.


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