2001 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2000 - 2001

Interconnection Regulation

image of Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2000 - 2001

The third edition of Trends in Telecommunication Reform includes one chapter reviewing global trends in market reform, and seven chapters exploring the key regulatory issue of interconnection. The seven interconnection chapters cover the importance of interconnection, regulatory and technical issues, economic issues in interconnection, network unbundling, interconnection with mobile networks, Internet interconnection and international interconnection.



International interconnection

Throughout most of the history of the telecommunication sector, the only type of “interconnection” arrangement was across international borders. Once the original, city-wide telephone networks in a particular country had been consolidated by a single network operator – almost invariably a state-owned entity – then the only real interconnection needed was for calls that passed from one country to another. In fact, even those arrangements could hardly be called “interconnection” in any classic sense. Traditionally, they were based on joint service provision and revenue sharing, rather than on per-minute interconnection charges.


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