1999 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 1999

Convergence and Regulation

image of Trends in Telecommunication Reform 1999

The second edition of Trends in Telecommunication Reform focuses on the regulation of multimedia services. The report examines eight themes Institutional Framework, Ownership, Liberalization, Licensing, Universal access, Interconnection, Price regulation and Numbering. Each chapter addresses overall reforms on that subject and looks, in particular, at Internet and other convergence-related issues.




There are a wide variety of issues surrounding the licensing for telecommunications facilities and services. The identification of service and facility categories, the selection and application of various vehicles of authorization (e.g., individual licenses, class licenses, concession contracts, permits, registrations, etc.) and the determination of spectrum allocation and assignment mechanisms all require careful consideration. The coordination among various governmental authorities with shared or overlapping jurisdiction, the establishment of licensee qualification standards, the development of license application processing procedures, the setting of license fees and license terms and establishing mechanisms for monitoring and enforcing license conditions are not even all of the further issues that need to be addressed.


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