The State of Broadband 2015

Broadband as a Foundation for Sustainable Development

image of The State of Broadband 2015

This report explores what constitutes an effective National Broadband Plan to boost the deployment of broadband and maximize its impact as a crosssectoral driver underpinning progress. It is now more important than ever that developing countries prioritize digital development in order to enhance their national competitiveness and to deliver tangible improvements in their citizens’ living standards and welfare, including closing gender gaps in access to ICTs and broadband.



Making Broadband service Truly Universal

Many countries now recognize that the benefits of broadband should not be enjoyed by only a fraction of the population – rather, everyone should enjoy them. ITU defines universal access as the situation where “everyone can access the service somewhere at a public place, also called public, community or shared access”. Conversely, universal service is “the situation when every individual or household can have service, using it privately, either at home or increasingly carried with the individual through wireless devices” (ITU, 2012).


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