The Quest for Cyber Peace

image of The Quest for Cyber Peace

This publication aims to promote the concept of global cyber peace by examining how ICTs underpin everyday life; evaluating current cyberthreats and trends; analysing the impacts of cybercrime and cyber conflict; assessing the validity of current legal frameworks; defining the concept of cyber peace, and establishing it as an overriding guiding principle for peaceful behaviour in cyberspace; and charting a path forward.



Societal Dependencies and Trust

Computers and information technologies have been with us since the second part of the last century and the Internet started only 38 years ago as a communication network in the ARPA (DARPA) project. However, only in the last 15 years, due to the invention of the World Wide Web (we will call for convenience the combination of Internet and Web in the rest of this paper “the Internet”), the Internet has permeated the economy and social life with dazzling speed. We can currently enjoy communication and social networking anytime, anywhere; we have access to practically unlimited information; we can discuss and socialize with people all over the world; and we compare and order services and products from a comfortable chair at home at any time we want.


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