The Portable Internet

image of The Portable Internet

This report, the sixth in the ITU Internet Report series, analyses the impact and potential of the portable Internet on the changing wireless landscape. In its analysis, the report aims to cover a complete range of aspects, including technologies (e.g. Wi-Fi, WiMAX, UWB and IMT-2000), market trends (e.g. convergence, pricing strategies), policy and regulatory issues (e.g. spectrum policy, competition policy), tools for bridging the digital divide (e.g. success stories and country case studies) and choices for society, including future scenarios and societal implications of technologies.




One thing that just about every commercial firm fears is that another company may enter its market, using a new technology or technique to provide a superior product or service at a lower price. Telecommunications have traditionally been characterized by long network planning cycles and high fixed investment costs. This makes the industry particularly vulnerable to disruptive or “subversive” technologies. Unlike the slow process of improving on a particular product or service through incremental change, disruptive technologies undermine the fundamental economics of product development and threaten to tear up the page and start again. The “portable Internet”, the subject of this book, offers just such a possibility.


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