The ITU New Initiatives Programme

Countering Spam

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This publication presents the materials and conclusions of a thematic meeting on “Countering Spam” held by ITU from 7 to 9 July 2004, and forms part of the ITU New Initiatives Programme series. Among other things, the contributions delivered by the participants looked at the problem of finding a common approach to spam, and analyse issues ranging from technical solutions, different legislative approaches and international cooperation among different stakeholders. Also looked at is the problem of consumer awareness and education.



Consumers protection and awareness

In 2001, the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), an alliance of more than 60 consumer organizations in the United States and Europe, recognized that the use of unsolicited commercial electronic communication is a growing burden for consumers who use e-mail. As TACD stated in a joint resolution, “governments need to work together to develop common approaches to address consumer concerns about unsolicited commercial e-mail”. TACD identified a significant distinction between commercial and noncommercial speech and urged the adoption of policies based on prior affirmative consent.


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