The ITU New Initiatives Programme

Countering Spam

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This publication presents the materials and conclusions of a thematic meeting on “Countering Spam” held by ITU from 7 to 9 July 2004, and forms part of the ITU New Initiatives Programme series. Among other things, the contributions delivered by the participants looked at the problem of finding a common approach to spam, and analyse issues ranging from technical solutions, different legislative approaches and international cooperation among different stakeholders. Also looked at is the problem of consumer awareness and education.



Technical solutions

Unsolicited e-mail (colloquially known as “spam”) is a problem for most Internet users. Although there is no “silver bullet” that can completely eradicate spam, there are many technical measures that can effectively reduce the amount of spam that reaches end users. This paper outlines the various technical measures that are currently available, and describes how each can play a role in the battle against spam. When combined, these measures can provide a “good enough” solution to the spam problem for e-mail users. Coupled with appropriate legislative and legal action, such measures may even help turn the tide against spammers.


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