Telecommunications and the Internet

Challenges to the Network

image of Telecommunications and the Internet

This report, prepared by ITU, was released to coincide with the TELECOM Interactive 97 Exhibition and Forum, held in Geneva, 8-14 September 1997. The report looks at the relationship between the Internet and the public telecommunication sector.



Internet scenarios

One of the premises of this report is the assumption that the telecommunications community and the Internet community are very different, but that they are both effectively sharing the same public network. Depending on your perspective, the Internet might be seen as a way of optimising the performance of the public network—by squeezing greater capacity utilisation out of the same pipes—or as a parasite which sits on top of the network and drains its life-blood without investing very much in its growth and development. Equally, depending on your perspective, the Internet might be seen as a great market opportunity—opening up, for the first time, the possibility to offer a range of interactive, multimedia services at an affordable price—or as a threat to the public network which is congesting its vital arteries and undermining its financial foundations.


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