Telecommunications and the Internet

Challenges to the Network

image of Telecommunications and the Internet

This report, prepared by ITU, was released to coincide with the TELECOM Interactive 97 Exhibition and Forum, held in Geneva, 8-14 September 1997. The report looks at the relationship between the Internet and the public telecommunication sector.



Internet governance

There are two essential issues behind Internet governance. The first is how the Internet is currently governed. The second is how the Internet should be governed in the future. The latter issue has decidedly attracted more attention. There is often talk about, for example, whether taxation over the Internet should operate in a different way from other types of taxation, how governments should treat aspects of privacy on the Internet, and whether the Internet can be governed in such a way that balances concerns about security and freedom. These are all seminal issues. But they cannot be understood without understanding how the Internet is currently governed, and commentators often conflate the two subjects. This chapter describes first the present Internet and then moves on to look at how the Internet might soon be governed.


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