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The ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries publishes original research on ICT technical developments and their policy and regulatory, economic, social and legal dimensions. It builds bridges between disciplines, connects theory with application, and stimulates international dialogue. This interdisciplinary approach reflects ITU’s comprehensive field of interest and explores the convergence of ICT with other disciplines. It also features review articles, best practice implementation tutorials and case studies. The ITU Journal welcomes submissions at any time, on any topic within its scope.


Sovereignty and data sharing

In this paper, we characterize the notion of data sovereignty as a normative reference point for information and communication technology (ICT) governance. We explain why in our view, establishing data sovereignty means more than securing privacy, but also requires the availability of controllable means for sharing information with others. We argue that in the context of big data applications, dynamic consent mechanisms play a key role in steering information flows in accordance with the proposed normative reference point. We close by suggesting legal and governance aspects of implementing data sovereignty: explorations of data ownership notions, aiming at data literacy in education, encouraging transparency about data processing activities, and introducing representative data agents that channel data flows in accordance with individual preferences.


Keywords: sovereignty, data sharing, data ownership, data agents, privacy
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