Shaping the Future Mobile Information Society

image of Shaping the Future Mobile Information Society

This publication contains the materials and conclusions of a recent ITU workshop on Shaping the Future Mobile Information Society held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, with the generous support and collaboration of the Korean Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), and the International Cooperation Agency for Korea IT. Topics covered included social and human considerations for a more mobile world, broadband mobile communications towards a converged world, and mobile phones and youth.



Shaping the future mobile information society: The case of the Republic of Korea

As the twenty-first century gets under way, the Republic of Korea has found itself at the cutting edge of the information society. With the world watching, Koreans are taking uncharted steps into a life surrounded by information. For many, life in Korea has begun to revolve around high-speed information access. Koreans can access information easily from state of the art mobile networks and handsets, the world’s most extensive broadband network, or from 25’000 cybercafés located around the country. For younger generations, being Korean means being connected.


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