Security in Telecommunications and Information Technology 2012

An overview of issues and the deployment of existing ITU-T Recommendations for secure telecommunications

image of Security in Telecommunications and Information Technology 2012

The purpose of the ITU-T Manual on Security in Telecommunications and Information Technology is to provide a broad introduction to the security work of ITU-T. It is directed towards those who have responsibility for, or an interest in, information and communications security and the related standards, and those who simply need to gain a better understanding of ICT security issues and the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations.



Countering common network threats

Threats to computer systems and to the networks that link them are many and varied. Although many attacks can be initiated locally, the vast majority of attacks today are conducted via communications networks. The fact that vast and increasing numbers of computers and network devices are connected to the Internet and operated from homes and workplaces by people with little training, awareness or knowledge of IT security greatly increases the ease and probability of remote, often indiscriminate, attacks. Spam, spyware, viruses and other attack vectors are released in ever greater numbers. The attackers often rely on weak and inadequately protected systems as conduits for their malware.


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