Securing Information and Communication Networks

Best Practices for Developing a Culture of Cybersecurity. Final Report [Question 3/2]

image of Securing Information and Communication Networks

This report is composed of a number of best practice reports on different aspects of cybersecurity. An analysis of an ITU’s cybersecurity awareness survey demonstrates that while a number of countries have to improve cybersecurity awareness, some do not, and those that do often do not target key segments of society. Strong attention is often paid to child online protection as a priority. Information related to the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) conducted is also provided.



Cybersecurity opportunities and challenges

ITU-D Question 3/2 spent some time exploring other areas, many of which were in relation to work normally conducted elsewhere and were not in current terms of reference of Question 3/2. As such a number of dialogues took place both formally and informally with organizations. Contributions pertaining to the terms of reference item (b) are further analysed here.


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