Scaling e-Health Services in Step with ICT Transformation


image of Scaling e-Health Services in Step with ICT Transformation

The concept of ICT adoption in healthcare delivery has attracted international initiatives with huge budgets, as a mechanism for bridging the global digital divide with equitable care delivery. e-Health is viewed as a major mechanism of Information Communication Technology (ICT) adoption, for proliferating equitable care delivery from palliative, curative to preventive care in the top cities to remote rural areas, especially for developing countries. e-Health delivery to remote locations relies on three major links between patient and care provider–Telecommunication infrastructure, back-end computing/storage infrastructure and End-User platforms. Case-studies and data from several pioneering e-Health initiatives in India have been gathered. However, the emphasis of this paper is more on the method used rather than the data samples, so that a typical data-driven governance system may use the same method and fit relevant data from their own demography to diligently prioritize investments with more accurate expectation of outcomes, by scaling e-Health services in step with ICT transformation.




It is to be noted that all projections are projections from the available data set in tables of Appendix- (1, 2 and 3) are not meant to mandate the usage models. There are indicative of the possibilities, while a specific demography may have differences based on its constraints and established practices. For example the figure (5) indicates over 50% of the information exchanges in all transactions as video content, meaning “given a choice, one used video in over 50% of the information exchanges”, and not a direction that ‘in more than 50% cases, one must use video”. In a given system, one may well choose to send the same information by text instead of video, if feasible within their bandwidth or regulatory constraints.


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