Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer and Dissemination


image of Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer and Dissemination

This is the first ITU Handbook to provide detailed information on the applied methods, technologies, algorithms, data structure and practical use of frequency and timing signals provided by satellite systems.



GPS system time

The GPS is a real-time predicted information operation. The five U.S. Air Force Monitor Stations maintain continuous real-time links to the MCS so that current tracking and status information can be combined with that from additional monitor stations established by the National Intelligence and Geophysical Agency (NGA) to provide additional coverage of the GPS satellite constellation. The increased observational data then provides for prediction of new system variables. These predictions of system performance are subsequently uploaded into the satellites’s on-board memories for transmission in the satellite navigation messages. The errors remaining in this process are considered to be random with dominate systematic errors (biases) removed.


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