Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in the New ICT Ecosystem

image of Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in the New ICT Ecosystem

The hallmark of the new ICT ecosystem is ever deepening interconnectivity. Everything is connected to everything else and more so every day. New forms of regulatory cooperation across industries and across the globe are the only way to ensure that the positive dimensions of the new ICT ecosystem are enjoyed by consumers who are assured protection against its negative potential.




The new ICT ecosystem has unleashed a virtuous cycle, transforming multiple economic and social activities on its way, opening up new channels of innovation, productivity and communication. The rise of the app economy and the ubiquity of smart mobile devices create great opportunities for users and for companies that can leverage global scale solutions and systems. Technology design deployed by online service providers in particular often reduces transaction costs while allowing for increasing economies of scale. The outlook for both network operators and online service providers is bright as they benefit from the virtuous cycle − as the ICT sector outgrows all others, innovation continues to power ahead creating more opportunities for growth.


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