Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in the New ICT Ecosystem

image of Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in the New ICT Ecosystem

The hallmark of the new ICT ecosystem is ever deepening interconnectivity. Everything is connected to everything else and more so every day. New forms of regulatory cooperation across industries and across the globe are the only way to ensure that the positive dimensions of the new ICT ecosystem are enjoyed by consumers who are assured protection against its negative potential.



Key regulatory issues to be addressed

In the telecommunication/ICT sector the move from legacy environments (e.g., including but not limited to circuit switched telephony, analogue TV broadcasting) demands a re-appraisal of existing regulatory regimes including laws and regulations. Since the 1980’s and 1990's sector regulation has been based on the existence of stand-alone networks delivering specific services and the business models that supported those networks (e.g., per minute charging, linear televisions, etc.). Such regulatory approaches therefore pre-dates ubiquitous Internet/broadband connectivity, changes in industry structure, online service players, the advent of social media, advances in IP technology and changes in consumer expectations. These changes pose significant challenges for the regulatory regime and regulators in all global markets.


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