Regional WSIS Stocktaking Report 2016, Asia and Pacific

ICT Projects and WSIS Action Line Related Activities in Asia and Pacific

image of Regional WSIS Stocktaking Report 2016, Asia and Pacific

In the period 2014-2016, WSIS Stocktaking Reports have reviewed 164 ICT-related projects and activities carried out by international organizations, governments, the private sector, civil society and other stakeholders in the Asia and Pacific region, with those in 2016 highlighting the efforts deployed by stakeholders involved in implementation of the SDGs. WSIS Stocktaking reports are based on the multistakeholder approach, including input from stakeholders from all over the world responding to ITU’s official call for stocktaking updates and new entries. The inputs from WSIS action line facilitators and co-facilitators also contribute to the reports.



Capacity building

In Bangladesh, the Ministry of Education, in partnership with private and global actors, has launched the ICT for Education at Secondary and Higher-Secondary Level project (SDGs 4 and 17). The objectives of the project are: (a) to familiarize all secondary and higher-secondary students with ICT tools; (b) to provide them with modern education in order to increase their employment prospects; (c) to make classrooms more interactive; and, most importantly, (d) to narrow the digital divide between rural and urban students.


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