Regional WSIS Stocktaking Report 2016, Africa

ICT Projects and WSIS Action Line Related Activities in Africa

image of Regional WSIS Stocktaking Report 2016, Africa

In the period 2014-2016, WSIS Stocktaking Reports have reviewed 136 ICT-related projects and activities carried out by international organizations, governments, the private sector, civil society and other stakeholders in the Africa Region, with those in 2016 highlighting the efforts deployed by stakeholders involved in implementation of the SDGs. WSIS Stocktaking reports are based on the multistakeholder approach, including input from stakeholders from all over the world responding to ITU's official call for stocktaking updates and new entries.



Capacity building

The RAFT (Réseau en Afrique Francophone pour la Télémédecine) network was established to provide continuing education for healthcare professionals and access to specialized advice for improving the quality, efficiency and accessibility of health systems (SDGs 3, 4, and 17).The network offers services in the following countries: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia. In developing countries, this type of healthcare education and advice is usually limited to capitals, and remote professionals do not have access to such opportunities, or even to didactic material adapted to their needs. This can limit their ability to remain active in the periphery, where they are most needed. The core activity of RAFT is webcasting interactive courses targeting physicians and other care professionals on topics proposed by the network's partners. Courses are webcast every week, freely available, and followed by hundreds of professionals who can interact directly with the teacher. No fewer than 70 per cent of the courses are now produced and webcast by experts in Africa. A bandwidth of 30 kbit/s, the speed of an analogue modem, is sufficient and enables participation from remote hospitals or even cybercafés. Other activities of the RAFT network include medical tele-expertise, tele-ultrasonography, and collaborative development of educational online material.


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