Reforming the International Accounting Rate System 1999

image of Reforming the International Accounting Rate System 1999

During 1999, ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau continued to support developing countries’ efforts to review telecommunication costs and tariff reform. This addendum to the 1998 Review of “Reforming the international account rate system” contains the reports of the 1999 series of seminars and contributions from developing countries to the work of the Regional Tariff Groups and Study Group 3. These reports are complemented by three additional case studies.



Case Studies: Barbados

This Case Study is a precursor to a costing exercise which is necessary to inform the process of reform to cost-oriented tariff for per unit delivery of international voice telephony by ROAs operating in Barbados. The study provides a quantitative assessment of the Impact of Settlement Rate adjustment on the Barbados Economy.


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