Radiocommunications and Climate Change

Radio based technologies in support of understanding, assessing and mitigating the effects of climate change

image of Radiocommunications and Climate Change

This report provides an overview of the use of radiocommunication systems to monitor the various manifestations of climate change and their impact as well as the application of ICTs and radiocommunications as a solution to contribute to a global reduction in energy consumption.




The recent economic crisis shows the crucial role of efficient and productive use of limited natural resources, such as biomass, biosphere, mineral resources, and water to stimulate sustainable economic development. Climate change has been labelled as the “defining challenge of our time”. Its impact is already evident and will intensify over time if left unaddressed. There is overwhelming scientific evidence, that climate change will threaten economic growth, longterm prosperity and social welfare of practically all countries, as well as the very survival of the most vulnerable populations.


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