Preservation of Wooden Poles Carrying Overhead Telecommunication Lines 1974

This publication deals with wooden poles. Such poles are in widespread use for carrying overhead lines (open-wire and cable) being cheap, light and of high mechanical strength. The poles should be inspected at regular intervals after they are erected and as a safety measure before they are climbed. The soundness of the poles can be tested by various methods, ranging from visual inspection to the use of electronics devices. The present publication does not deal with other means of prolonging the life of poles such as precautions in siting them or the use of waterproof substances to protect the foot of the pole from damp.the aims of this booklet are therefore as follows: – to draw the attention of telecommunication Administrations to the economic advantages of giving the poles they use preservative treatment; – to describe, for general information, the considerations to be borne in mind in applying this treatment and the planning and organization required; – to provide a reference work – which would otherwise be difficult to assemble; – for judging the behaviour and efficacy of the various treatments, according to the different species, requirements, destructive biological agents and climates; – to indicate to telecommunication Administrations the regional research institutes best able to advise them and to provide a list of selected publications for more detailed study.