Powering the Digital Economy

Regulatory Approaches to Securing Consumer Privacy, Trust and Security

image of Powering the Digital Economy

The report provides an outline of the value and the functioning of the digital economy, as well as requirements and considerations in terms of ICT and privacy regulation. It explores the issues of online privacy, trust and security, and how these influence and drive online data business models and data markets. It further examines the notion of trusted digital identity and what it means in terms of security by providing examples of digital identity systems.



Models of ensuring protection, privacy and trust

A growing global dataflow and the expanding use of personal data in the global economy have led to an increase in the adoption and development of national and regional privacy laws and regulations. The principle motives for this are a wish to secure the fundamental human right to privacy, and the wish to protect consumers and promote competition. Whichever motive is behind national legislation, most modern privacy regimes find common origins in universal human rights, and in particular the right to respect for private and family life.


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