Optical Fibres, Cables and Systems

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The Handbook is intended as a guide for technologists, middle-level management, as well as regulators, to assist in the practical installation of optical fibre-based systems. Throughout the discussions on the practical issues associated with the application of this technology, the explanations focus on how ITU T Recommendations address them. It provides the organized insights of those who have created and lived with the evolution of the technology for several decades. Note: The soft-copy of this publication is downloadable free of charge on an exceptional basis, while hard-copy may eventually be purchased.



Optical system applications in passive optical networks

Progress in multimedia technologies has led to active development of many types of broadband services such as delivery of data, voice and video (triple-play) services. PONs (passive optical networks) can provide these services cost-effectively. PONs are optical access networks that extend from an operator central office into individual homes, apartment houses and business offices.


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