Optical Fibres, Cables and Systems

image of Optical Fibres, Cables and Systems

The Handbook is intended as a guide for technologists, middle-level management, as well as regulators, to assist in the practical installation of optical fibre-based systems. Throughout the discussions on the practical issues associated with the application of this technology, the explanations focus on how ITU T Recommendations address them. It provides the organized insights of those who have created and lived with the evolution of the technology for several decades. Note: The soft-copy of this publication is downloadable free of charge on an exceptional basis, while hard-copy may eventually be purchased.



Maintenance, safety and environmental aspects

Maintenance aspects are very important in a telecommunication network. A suitable maintenance of the optical fibres, cables and systems is a crucial element for offering to the customers a high level of quality and availability of the services. Moreover, maintenance has a direct impact on the amount of the operational expenditures (OPEX). Clause 1 of this Chapter points out the ITU-T specifications related to the maintenance of the optical fibres, cables, facilities and systems.


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