Optical Fibres, Cables and Systems

image of Optical Fibres, Cables and Systems

The Handbook is intended as a guide for technologists, middle-level management, as well as regulators, to assist in the practical installation of optical fibre-based systems. Throughout the discussions on the practical issues associated with the application of this technology, the explanations focus on how ITU T Recommendations address them. It provides the organized insights of those who have created and lived with the evolution of the technology for several decades. Note: The soft-copy of this publication is downloadable free of charge on an exceptional basis, while hard-copy may eventually be purchased.



Optical systems: ITU-T criteria for specifications

The real research phase of fibre-optic communication systems started around 1975. The enormous progress realized over the 30-year period extending from 1975 can be grouped into several distinct phases, which are described with some detail in the Introduction to this Handbook. During each phase, a “family” of optical systems had been developed, consistent with the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations. Some of these optical systems are still used, while others are obsolete.


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