National Spectrum Management


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This Handbook describes the key elements of spectrum management: spectrum management fundamentals, spectrum planning, frequency assignment and licensing, spectrum monitoring, spectrum inspection and investigation, spectrum engineering, spectrum economics, automation of spectrum management activities and measures of spectrum utilization and spectrum utilization efficiency.



Spectrum economics

This Chapter addresses issues relating to the financing of a national spectrum management program. It gives some information on the use of new tools, based on spectrum economics, to address issues that have arisen in a number of Administrations, mainly in the developed countries, due to the increase in demand for spectrum following the liberalization of telecommunications. The increase in demand creating problems in frequency assignment that many administrations have found difficult to resolve using the traditional spectrum management tools and which, in turn, has generated an interest in the development and use of new spectrum management tools based on the use of spectrum economics. A number of the ideas that are discussed in Report ITU-R SM.2012-2 (Economic aspects of spectrum management) are presented below, to avoid taking the theory contained in that report out of context the following text concentrates on the various fee types and spectrum pricing mechanisms. For a detailed analysis of spectrum economics reference should be made to the Report.


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