Mobile-satellite service (MSS)

Supplements No. 1, 2, 3 and 4: Handbook

image of Mobile-satellite service (MSS)

Supplement 1 - Systems aspects of digital mobile Earth station Supplement 2 - Methodology for the derivation of interference and sharing criteria for the Mobile-satellite services Supplement 3 - Interference and noise problems for maritime mobile-satellite systems using frequencies in the region of 1.5 and 1,6 GHz Supplement 4 - Technical aspects of coordination among mobile-satellite systems using the geostationary-satellite orbit



Methodology for the derivation of interference and sharing criteria for the mobile-satellite services

This Supplement provides a methodology to derive interference sharing criteria for mobile satellite services. Since the desired and interference signal levels vary depending upon many factors, the interference criteria is derived for two percentages of time, one for long term performance and the other for short term performance. The basis for criteria on total interference is explained in § 3 of this Supplement. The interference criteria for both service links and feeder links are also explained in this Supplement. In addition, different propagation factors to be considered in the derivation of interference criteria are also given. Some elements on the coordination threshold and coordination distances are described.


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