Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS)


image of Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS)

This Handbook provides a brief survey and introduction to the field of Mobile-satellite service (MSS). Note: Supplements 1, 2, 3 and 4 were published in 2006 and contain important updates to this Handbook.




In today’s world, people have become increasingly mobile in both their work and play. This trend has been reflected in an increasing demand for mobile-satellite services (MSS) of all kinds over the past two to three decades; that is, demand for maritime, aeronautical and land mobile-satellite services. These needs have been well documented within the ITU through many studies and proposals, which have recently led to the creation of a number of new allocations of radio frequencies for use by MSS. Outside the ITU, trade press and newspaper articles frequently highlight the benefits of MSS, particularly in applications such as disaster relief and emergency uses in connection with search and rescue operations. The application of MSS within developing countries, making available viable telecommunications services in low telephone-density areas of the world, has also gained world attention.


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