Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS)


image of Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS)

This Handbook provides a brief survey and introduction to the field of Mobile-satellite service (MSS). Note: Supplements 1, 2, 3 and 4 were published in 2006 and contain important updates to this Handbook.



Typical and potential applications for MSS communications

There are a wide variety of applications supported by the mobile-satellite service for the general provision of voice and data communications to users of the maritime, aeronautical and communities. The applications include: emergency distress alerting and locating services, directdial telephone, data transfer, facsimile, telex, electronic mail (email), high-quality audio transmission and compressed (digital) video, still pictures, and videoconferencing. Digital data rates currently available from the different MSS providers vary from tens of bits-per-second – which is suitable for short messaging services to 64 kbit/s – which is suitable for many high-speed data applications. Even higher bit rates are planned.


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