Migration to IMT-2000 Systems

Handbook. Supplement 1 (Revision 1) Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems

image of Migration to IMT-2000 Systems

This revised Supplement expands on the first edition of the ITU Handbook - Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems and updates much of the work that has occurred since the release of the Handbook. It addresses the subject of evolution and migration from current mobile systems towards IMT-2000. ITU-R has developed this work in response to ongoing liaison and interaction with the ITU-D and ITU-T Sectors and sees this material as the natural extension of the information presented in the Handbook.



Development of policies for the evolution/migration of existing networks to IMT-2000

The variety of situations in developing countries relating to the technology and the development of existing mobile networks implies the need for diverse and different transition policies toward networks based on enhanced systems. This Supplement is therefore intended to address only those cases where the transition to IMT-2000 networks is expected to affect medium term plans.


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