Measuring the Information Society 2010

image of Measuring the Information Society 2010

The 2010 edition of Measuring the Information Society features the latest ITU ICT Development Index (IDI), which captures the level of advancement of ICTs in more than 150 countries worldwide and compares progress made between 2002, 2007 and 2008. It also measures the global digital divide and examines how it has developed in recent years, and it discusses the impact of ICTs on socio-economic development. The report also features the ICT Price Basket, which combines fixed, mobile and broadband tariffs one measure and compares 2008 and 2009 data across countries. The analytical report is complemented by a series of statistical tables providing country-level data for the indicators included in the IDI and Price Basket.



The ICT Price Basket

This is the second version of the ITU ICT Price Basket, which was first presented in the 2009 edition of Measuring the Information Society. The latest ICT Price Basket is based on 2009 tariffs for fixed telephone, mobile cellular and fixed broadband Internet services in 161 countries. Its objective is to monitor the cost of ICT services, which influence or even determine whether or not people will subscribe to certain services and use ICTs. Although ICT infrastructure is crucial for ICT access and use, the services offered have to be affordable for the information society to thrive. As prices are expected to influence ICT uptake and use, the ICT Price Basket is published in conjunction with the IDI. Thus, the ICT Price Basket and the IDI are, implicitly, related: lower prices may increase access and use, and higher levels of ICT access and use may bring down prices, with operators leveraging on economies of scale. Additionally, higher levels of ICT uptake are usually a result of increased liberalization and competition, both of which tend to lead to lower prices.


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