Measuring the Information Society 2009

The ICT Development Index

image of Measuring the Information Society 2009

The latest edition of Measuring the Information Society features the new ITU ICT Development Index. The Index captures the level of advancement of ICTs in more than 150 countries worldwide and compares progress made between 2002 and 2007. It also measures the global digital divide and examines how it has developed in recent years. The report also features a new ICT Price Basket, which combines fixed, mobile and broadband tariffs for 2008 into one measure and compares it across countries. The analytical report is complemented by a series of statistical tables providing country-level data for all indicators included in the Index.



Measuring the Digital Divide

The notion of the “digital divide”, the difference between the “have” and “have-nots” is something known and defined. It is often associated with imbalances in access to physical infrastructure, such as computers and Internet, or even conventional communication infrastructure, such as fixed telephone lines. Digital divides can exist between developed and developing countries (also known as global divide), or within a country (known as internal country divide). It can manifest itself in different demographic characteristics of the population, such as age, gender, income and race, or different locations, such as urban and rural. In whatever form or aspect one may want to look at it, one important question to address is “how can we measure/quantify it?”. Only once it is measured or known, can it be addressed effectively.


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