m-Powering Development Initiative

Harnessing Mobile Technology to Build an Inclusive Information Society

image of m-Powering Development Initiative

This report summarizes the latest work undertaken in relation to the m-Powering Development Initiative based on the findings of Working Groups of experts on m-Health, m-Learning, m Commerce, Business Models and Advocacy to capitalize on and promote the new opportunities afforded by the growing availability and reach of mobile technology. The Working Groups identify the key stakeholders engaged in their respective domains of activity and cite real life examples of m powering good practices that can be replicated. The main identified gaps and challenges are also highlighted, as are recommended steps to address them. It also highlights the main conclusions reached by the m Powering Development Initiative Working Groups in their endeavour to leverage the transformative power of mobile technology for the common good, especially in the less developed and remote parts of the world.



Foreword - Mr Sam Pitroda

I would like to express my appreciation of the work and devotion of the Working Groups' members of the m-Powering Development Initiative and to all those who have contributed to the development of this report. I would like also to thank the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), Mr. Brahima Sanou, for his vision to establish this initiative that aims at identifying gaps and taking action in order to allow all stakeholders from governments, private sector, service providers, content developers and users to tap into the full potential of mobile technology for sustainable development.


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