ITU-T Next Generation Network Focus Group (NGN FG) Proceedings, Part 1

Focus Group on Next generation Network (FGNGN) has been created under ITU-T Study Group 13 on 23 June 2004 to address the emerging needs for global standards for NGN. FGNGN was made-up of seven working groups: services and capabilities, functional architecture and requirements, quality of service (QoS), control aspects, security issues, migration of current networks into NGN and future packet based network requirements. During the 18-month life-time of FGNGN, nine meetings were organized, with more than 1,200 input documents and 1,400 participants. FGNGN deliverables cover all those seven fundamental framework areas of NGN. Its final output was a total of 30 documents. that will be transferred to the relevant Study Groups for their further consideration. Deliverables are classified by release concept. These proceedings contain the deliverables, each with its status indication, and should help readers with answers to this essential field of development.