ITU Guidelines for National Emergency Telecommunication Plans

image of ITU Guidelines for National Emergency Telecommunication Plans

These guidelines assist national authorities and policymakers to develop a clear, flexible and user-friendly framework that guide countries on how to develop a strategic plan to support and enable the continued use of telecommunication and information and communication technology (ICT) networks and services in all four disaster management phases. It includes a step-by-step guide to the development of an NETP, it serves as a useful resource based on ITU recommendations and concepts, as well as expertise from other global bodies and organizations.



Support for people with specific needs

Disasters are especially difficult for vulnerable people, such as persons with disabilities, children, the elderly, migrant workers, the unemployed, people with lack of connectivity skills and those displaced from their homes due to previous disasters. It is important to ensure that disaster management plans reflect and respond to their needs. The following is a series of recommendations for inclusive disaster planning (ITU, 2017a; 2017c).


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