ITU Guidelines for National Emergency Telecommunication Plans

image of ITU Guidelines for National Emergency Telecommunication Plans

These guidelines assist national authorities and policymakers to develop a clear, flexible and user-friendly framework that guide countries on how to develop a strategic plan to support and enable the continued use of telecommunication and information and communication technology (ICT) networks and services in all four disaster management phases. It includes a step-by-step guide to the development of an NETP, it serves as a useful resource based on ITU recommendations and concepts, as well as expertise from other global bodies and organizations.



Telecommunication/ICT legislation and regulation

Telecommunication/ICT legislation and regulation are critical for effective and efficient disaster management. Thus, a national law or set of laws describing high level, general and long-term telecommunication/ICT policies for disaster management needs to be in place. Regulatory authorities and government need to have the mandate to issue appropriate rules and regulations to implement the national law or set of laws. Such rules and regulations should describe in detail the responsibilities, protocols and strategies each stakeholder – including telecommunication/ICT operators, public and private organizations, government and the community – should implement to effectively and efficiently use, provide or facilitate emergency telecommunication/ICT services during national disasters. Considering that these rules and regulations also apply to telecommunication/ICT operators, it is important for the authorities to be flexible or open to understanding the industry challenges when developing them.


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