Issues in Telecommunications Development, Volume II

Reforming the International Accounting Rate System. Part I Overview. Part II Case Studies

image of Issues in Telecommunications Development, Volume II

On behalf of the ITU, the Telecommunication Development Bureau has taken on the responsibility of assisting countries as they restructure their telecommunication sectors to meet the challenges of globalization and liberalization. Reports from Seminars/Workshops at which developing country representatives reviewed the moves towards international accounting rate reform and a number of papers dealing with cost calculation methodologies are in Part 1, and in Part 2 there are 11 Country Case Studies.



Validation seminar

The ITU/BDT Seminar on the Colombia Case Study on Accounting Rates was held in Bogota on 28-29 May 1998, with some 40 representatives from 16 countries of the Latin American and Caribbean region in attendance. The seminar focused on follow-up activities to be undertaken by the BDT in the areas of accounting rates reform, including the validation of Case Studies and the hosting of workshops in the region to determine the cost of international telephony.


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