IP Telephony

image of IP Telephony

This report reviews the economic, technical and regulatory factors which are affecting the spread of IP Telephony. It presents original research on case studies on the adaptation of IP Telephony in a number of countries including China, Columbia, Peru and Thailand.



Why IP Telephony?

Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony is rapidly reaching the top of the agenda for the telecommunications industry worldwide. The possibility of transmitting voice over IP-based networks, with all its challenges and associated opportunities, such as voice and data integration, constitutes a milestone in the convergence of the communications sector. In July 2000, the ITU Council selected IP Telephony as the topic of the third World Telecommunication Policy Forum, to be held in Geneva, 7-9 March 2001. While the Counsellors were united in recognising the importance of IP Telephony, they did so for very different reasons. Some Counsellors expressed the view that IP Telephony would become a key technology in the coming convergence between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks. Others saw the danger it posed to the revenue stream and monopoly status of their incumbent public telecommunication operator (PTO). One Counsellor, from a developing country, said that, for them, it was a matter of survival; it was time “to put out the fire”.


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