Investing in Telecommunications and ICTs in Developing Markets

Shifting the Paradigm

image of Investing in Telecommunications and ICTs in Developing Markets

Telecommunications and ICTs have become a key infrastructure necessary for human development. As the sector has transformed into one driven by commercial interest, one question begs to be answered: what actions can be taken to stimulate private investment in the sector, particularly in countries and regions where the opportunities are less obvious? This report provides insight into answers to this question by analysing trends, examining risk factors facing potential investors and by identifying specific investment opportunities in developing markets. Finally, the report makes specific recommendations to the various stakeholders on actions that can be taken to 'shift the paradigm' so that investment will be attracted to those markets most in need.



Executive Summary and Findings

A key challenge to achieving the Millennium Development Goals relates to how to bring to citizens in developing countries the benefits of inclusion in the Information Society.


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