Internet for Development

Challenges to the Network

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This report, prepared by ITU, is the second in the Challenges to the Network series. The report looks at the role of the Internet in economic development. The study pays special attention to the impact that the Internet is having and will have in the economies of developing nations and the role of the Internet in promoting economic and social development. This version was prepared and updated specially for the TELECOM Interactive 99 event, held in Geneva during October 1999.



To regulate or not to regulate?

Perhaps no issue divides the Internet community as much as that of Internet regulation. To some, the Internet is simply a new method of communicating and doing business and, as with all such advances, the regulatory framework will need to be adapted and altered, but ultimately the Internet should be treated like any other industry and, if necessary, it should be regulated. To others, the Internet is a new frontier that was expressly created to operate and function without government interference. Indeed, it is sometimes claimed that the Internet ‘routes around’ any attempt to regulate it.


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