Internet for Development

Challenges to the Network

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This report, prepared by ITU, is the second in the Challenges to the Network series. The report looks at the role of the Internet in economic development. The study pays special attention to the impact that the Internet is having and will have in the economies of developing nations and the role of the Internet in promoting economic and social development. This version was prepared and updated specially for the TELECOM Interactive 99 event, held in Geneva during October 1999.



Executive summary

The advent of the Internet has been variously described as being as important for society as the development of the personal computer, the telephone or even the printing press. Yet, it is difficult to explain to those who have never used the Internet how it has the power to change lives, to create new businesses or to bring farflung families closer together. For those who have started to use the Internet, and have gone beyond the initial frustrations associated with using any new technology, the Internet can do all these things and more.


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