Internet for a Mobile Generation

image of Internet for a Mobile Generation

This report on Internet for a Mobile Generation is the fourth in the "ITU Internet Reports" series (previously known as "Challenges to the Network"). The key issues addressed in this 2002 edition are: technologies and applications; demand, market structure and economic implications; regulatory and policy aspects. Material from individual country case studies provides valuable and informative insights and a Statistical Annex presents the latest information on the status of Internet developments worldwide.



Case Studies

The technical, economic and regulatory and policy analyses presented so far in this report have begun to paint a picture of the mobile Internet landscape on a global level. To further complete this picture, this chapter looks at the experience of a number of economies, in different world regions, with different levels of economic and social development. The chapter is based on research carried out for specially commissioned ITU case studies on the topics of third-generation mobile licensing, Internet diffusion, and broadband, carried out on Chile and Venezuela, Ghana, Hong Kong, China and China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Sweden and Thailand. In addition, this chapter draws upon a comparative analysis of the transition from GSM to IMT-2000 on 3G mobile licensing policy. The countries selected, which vary widely in terms of regional, geographical and economic status, offer useful examples of different mobile markets and licensing procedures. These case studies were carried out under the ITU New Initiatives Programme, and form part of the research carried out by ITU on the latest trends in telecommunications and information and communication technologies.


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