Interconnection. Regulatory Issues

image of Interconnection. Regulatory Issues

The Report's purpose is to examine some of the regulatory issues posed by Interconnection. This critical subject is examined not from a technical viewpoint but recognizing that effective interconnection is vital to competition. The Regulatory Colloquium itself, and the preparation of the Briefing Report, were funded by the World Bank. The principal author is Michael Tyler. The views expressed are those of the author alone.




This report was written for the fourth ITU Regulatory Colloquium, held in Geneva on 19-21 April 1995. It is known as a "Briefing Report" because it is intended to provide participants in the Colloquium (and subsequent readers) with background information on the issues, as well as with an independent point of view as a starting point for discussion. Although the report presents a wide range of perspectives and opinions, the views and judgements expressed are those of the authors. They do not express policies or recommendations of the ITU. The Briefing Report is not the report of the Colloquium itself. The Chairman's Report on the Colloquium has been prepared and distributed separately.


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