Intelligent Transport Systems

Handbook on Land Mobile (including Wireless Access), Volume 4 (Edition 2006)

image of Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 4 of the ITU-R Handbook on Land Mobile (including Wireless Access) provides a summary of the use of wireless communications in intelligent transport systems (ITS), current and under development, around the globe, including architecture, systems, and applications. This is a rapidly developing sector, which is still partly in its infancy.



Millimetre wave communications

The millimetre-wave region of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponds to radio band frequencies of 30 GHz to 300 GHz (wavelength from 10 mm to 1 mm). One of the most important features of millimetre waves is in transmitting large amounts of data required for transmission of, e.g., large computer data, multiplexed television or voice channels for relay transmitters for broadcasting. In addition, millimetre waves’ high frequency realizes small equipment size including the compact high gain antenna suited for vehicular use.


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